Dell Webcam Stopped Working

On Dell Inspiron N7010 Dell Webcam stopped working suddenly.  Worked fine in IM and now don't.  When I open Dell Webcam Central I see that it is trying to connect to the web cam but shows interment message "Please plug in a supported device."  I  have uninstalled and reinstalled the Dell software. When I am in software the webcam itself blinks like it is trying to connect but message still shows.  Device Manager says I have newest driver and everything is OK.
First could the cam itself be disconnected somehow.  I haven't dropped laptop but I do carry it around a lot.  Second if not a possibility, what then
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it can also be : a bad webcam, or cable, or the connector came loose
unfortunately, you will need to open the laptop for checking it
Return to a system restore point when it still used to work.
tcandsAuthor Commented:
Not what I wanted to hear but it sounds like the problem.  I just got video how to correctly dismantle n7010 so wish me luck,
good luck then!..and post your results
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