Server 2008R2 Group Policy Problem

Last year we upgraded our school server to 2008R2 and I set the default wallpaper for all student and staff accounts to the school's logo. When I added the kindergarten class this setting did not propagate to the new users. I went through the settings using RSOP but everything looked the same as the other OUs. I can run gpupdate on the server but when I tried running gpupdate on local computers I got errors. I am attaching the text of those errors as well as the gpresult file and a screen shot of ADUC.

Please advise.

Thank you!

Robert EhingerIT specialistAsked:
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David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
But the old users are receiving the the GPO?

First of all try to rename is profiles to old profile, and ask they to log in again in the machines to create a new profile.

If the GPO is running well for older user´s, probably it´s a problem or with the profiles or the workstations.

If that didn´t work tell us so we can troubleshoot in another way.

Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
These are all new users with new profiles. It appears that I cannot add any new users and get the GP settings to take hold. Existing users are not a problem.
Can you verify that the workstations can communicate with the DC's and that there DNS settings are the same as the other workstations experiencing no issues.

thank you
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Howmany DCs are there in the domain. If you have more than 1 DC in the domain, check the replication (repadmin /replsum and repadmin /showreps)and health of all the DCs using DCDiag in verbose mode. Also check the DNS configuration between DCs. Once these settings are correct then you can think of group policy. However I just want to know how did you apply wallpaper policy, did you added it in Default Domain policy or created seperate policy for it. Because I do not see any wallpaper configuration in GPResult.

You can also simulate GP settings for 1 group or computer using GP Modeling from GPMC.
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
There are no other workstation issues, just that new users aren't getting the same GP settings as existing users.

There is one DC in the domain.

RSOP/User Configuration/Administrative templates/Desktop/Desktop/Desktop Wallpaper - enabled and the path to the jpg file we are using.
David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
Did you try my suggestion?

If the problem persist probably you have RPC problem´s.

As you can see here GPO Screen saver problems.

The solution was like i mention before, profile problems.

Please take a look.

Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
I guess I am missing something. How can there be profile problems if the profiles we just created?
David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
If you are certain that the problem isn't with they profiles, because they are new users who never logged on the machines. Then maybe you have rpc problems.

Then with one of the new accounts logged in do on the cmd: net share and verify if something appear like this:
Share name   Resource                        Remark

C$           C:\                             Default share
D$           D:\                             Default share
IPC$                                         Remote IPC
Z$           Z:\                             Default share
ADMIN$       C:\Windows                      Remote Admin
F            F:\
G            G:\
The command completed successfully.

Open in new window

If not try with another user that is receiving the policy correctly.

If the problem persist you have to do some RPC troubleshoot.

In the link posted in the comment above you can find some guidance to start the troubleshoot.

I'll wait for your news.

Pramod UbheCommented:
Unless GPUPDATE command is successful, the policy will not be applied. From the text of gpupdate.txt, I would suggest to re-join one of the affected computer to domain or ask one of the affected user to try on the computer where it is working fine.
Also if there are multiple domain controllers, check if there is any issues with replication (DC event logs); lastly check affected users can access Sysvol directory to make sure they have appropriate permissions. You may also want to check the the DC which is processing GPO/authentication request by this command - Set logonserver

You should get atleast towards correct direction from above troubleshooting steps
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Because of previous problems with the server I have to remove all system from the domain and then rejoin them. Once I did this the user accounts behaved as they are supposed to.

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David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:
Hi RobertEhinger.

Nice to ear that the problem is solved.

Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
After trying all suggested solutions I found the one that worked myself.
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