wordpress caching issue (i think)

Hi Guys,

I am having an issue with my site www.bodyfirstnutrition.ie i had a feeling the servers it was on was the problem, but anytime i view it from a new computer i seem to have no issues,

 so i was helped really well by the guys here and they led me to cachine on wordpress sites so i have deleted the cache on www.bodyfirstnutrition.ie and upgraded to latest version of WP and i can view it on new machines but not on my own one?

are you guys able to access it?

i have tried to migrate it, but the about page and one or two other pages didnt work properly, i wa wondering could someone help me with it....
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Ray PaseurCommented:
I am able to access it.  The site seems to load slowly, with a lot of flashing about, probably because it is loading lots of component files.  It is in need of some "adult supervision" before it would be ready for deployment.  Please see this link:

My recommended approach would be to correct the validation errors first, then consider hiring a professional WP developer to help with the site.  I am not a WP expert, so I would not know how to ask the right questions.  But a WP developer would undoubtedly be able to find and help fix the issues.  This approach would probably be faster than trying to learn everything a professional WP developer already knows.
Just to ad to what Ray said.  Some of the errors reported by the validator reflects serious structural issues, and there is some use of obsolete attributes.  

The page is seriously bloated and need a professional re-design.  The page load time is unacceptable.  There is over a meg of images, three feeds, 30+ http request for external files, and a mix of local and external CSS.

The server is not the problem.  The problem is the page code and you need a professional developer with Wordpress experience to sit down with you and determine your needs and desires for the site so they can do a design and implementation that works and is trouble free.

Julian HansenCommented:
Not sure that validation errors are going to make it work everywhere except your own machine. Doesn't mean you shouldn't address them but not really helping you with your problem.

3 experts can "view" the site - wheather what we are seeing is what we should be seeing is difficult to know - site appears to display fine.

Are you not suffering from a caching issue on your machine?

Have you tried doing a forced refresh of the page (Shift + F5) and failing that clearing your local cache.
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jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
Thanks Julian

for some reason i cant view it from ISPs in Ireland, but if i connect to a machine that is based in the UK it works?

And the machines in ireland are all on different ISPs

this is what i am getting
Julian HansenCommented:
Oic - you mean you can't connect at the network level.

Did you do DNS change recently ?

Have you checked with ISP's in Ireland as to why the domain resolves but there is no route - seems odd that an IE domain is not available in Ireland.

Also maybe consider moving this question to a topic area that deals with network routing and DNS resolution.

The website bodyfirstnutrition.ie loads just fine at my end (ISP: KPN, the Netherlands & UPC, the Netherlands). How it loads and the other technical stuffs are already covered in the comments from Ray, Julian and Cd&.

What bothers me though why keep two separate running websites? can't you just cancel the one hosting account and forward the old URL (whichever that is) to the new one? I thought your new URL is bodyfirst.ie.

Don't forget that you still have an open thread here
jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
I would love to close off the bodyfirstnuutrition.ie website, and i cant wait to, but even though i have done everything i thought by the book in terms of migrating the site it hasnt completely migrated, the way i was hoping

look at the homepage of www.bodyfirstnutrition.ie and then look at homepage of http://www.bodyfirst.ie 

look at menu and look where about is on both sites, then if you look at the about pages and click on "protein" and then do it on other site, so i have to keep referencing www.bodyfirstnutrition.ie
I see what's the problem: your W3C cache plugin and your actual generated disk cache does not ssync.I would delete the directory structure on BF.ie and recreate the cache. BUt that's a different issue.

Back to topic: just as Julian said, did you changed any DNS entries and/or the NS?

I second this:
Also maybe consider moving this question to a topic area that deals with network routing and DNS resolution. -- JulianH

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jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
do i have to ask a mod to move it??

no i havent changed dns servers or name servers
Try ipconfig /flushdns
@Thread starter: anything ?
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