iPod will not synch

Here is the scenario:  Had a working Windows 7 machine that would sync fine to my ipod touch.  Got a new Windows 7 machine.  Deauthorized the old machine, authorized the new one.  Moved all my files (all plain .mp3 files) to the new machine.  Installed itunes, created new library from moved files.  iTunes works fine on the new machine.  Reset ipod, both from the ipod and via itunes, got new ipod software and firmware. The ipod is now blank.

The problem:  will not sync.  My itunes still calls the ipod "Jeff's iPod".  When I connect it, it says it is syncing, spends about 2 seconds on it, then says the sync is complete.  But no files are moved.  How do I tell iTunes to REALLY do a brand new sync?
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JBrITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good ol' iTunes! It could be a number of things. Firstly, do you have 'Manage my Music/Videos etc..' set to Manual? If so, have you ticked any of the files to tell them to sync to your iPod?

Secondly, within iTunes Preferences, there is a Devices tab. You may want to delete any backups that are present here, just incase iTunes is getting a bit confused...which it does from time to time.
jmckay321Author Commented:
Thanks, got it working by unchecking "manually manage..."
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