how to record audio


I want to record audio coming from my laptop manually. How can i do it. I do not have all the codecs etc. My laptop is also bit old.

Any links resources ideas highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Audacity is an open source project found here and it's self explanatory on how to use it in order to record audio.
Which windows?
XP or windows 7
Make model of your laptop to determin if the onboard sound card supports stereomix
These types of recording uses your ( what you Hear) in the speakers.
Personally I woudlnt say Audacity is self explainatory,  with Audacity, since this is a laptop make sure you have enabled stereomix in recording devices and installed the lame.dll to enable mp3 encoding..
Rightclick the speaker icon on your taskbar and open recording right click an empty space and enable hidden devices/enable stereomix
stereomixhere's the big question if you dont have stereomix  then your sound does nto support stereomix recording what you hear in the speakers and you need virtual one
total recorder

Audacity takes a little setting it up and then setting your default audio source for recording and then playback, it has plenty of guides, if you want a small free tool that has no set up use this one
mp3mymp3 recorder
It works great and is free.
But dependig on which windows and how old your system is read this incase you have problems/ then click on Getting Started
If you need help I have it as well Audacity

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gudii9Author Commented:
I do not have Stereo mix. My laptop OS is windows vista. please advise on best alternative
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Please confirm you rightclick anywhere?
show stereo mixmake and model of your laptop say for example HP or a Del model number.
Have you tried any recording from your mike?
I see only mikes.
If you are missing the stereomix after right clicking and enable devices then you dont have what I refer to a full duplex sound card. A You have a half duplex ( older system)
Laptops have inbuilt speakers that shares the same resources as your mic unlike on a desktop.
A half-duplex system provides for communication in both directions, but only one direction at a time (not simultaneously).
A full-duplex system allows communication in both directions, and unlike half-duplex, allows this to happen simultaneously.
Take your Mic out so that your speakers are default again
gudii9Author Commented:
i never tried rcording from mike. I clicked 'Show Disable Devices' and ' Show Disconnected Devices' still showing same two.
Is there are any free tools to record the audio? please advise
What is in your playback devices gudii9
I know the Stereo Mix is only available on some sound cards
and since there is no other devices showing in your playback not even the digital input, how old is your system?
It's possible that a driver update from the manufacture of your Laptop may add this functionality  
Model? DEL HP?
Update your sound card by going to device manager your sound card drivers and update.
restart your laptop
Then right click your speaker icon select recording devices go to recording right click white space area. Next put check marks by Show Disable Devices and Show Disconnected Devices, enbale Stereo Mix, now you can record what you hear
Free recorder
record audio in Windows 7, Vista & XP, even if you don't have the Stereo Mix / Wave-Out Mix.

gudii9Author Commented:
Mine is Dell inspiron 1523 almost 7 years old
>>Update your sound card by going to device manager your sound card drivers and update.
restart your lapto

How to update it.

Please advise on how to go to device manager location.
gudii9Author Commented:
I have a wire which connects speaker to mike. Can I use that wire/cord and use
mp3mymp3 recorder

total recorder

I downloaded above one but it seems not a free product and trial version has some noise.
Please advise
Hi, what sort of noise?
But the bigger question do you have recording?
Does it work?
You can record with total recorder??
Any noise could be volume problem or the source is the mic which is understandably  a lot lower in volume and also mono. Maybe you can adjust it in Audio recording devices, in the default mic lower the volume to record at

Sorry it's not free gudii9, but at least you can run some tests I believe I did mention that.
I have a wire which connects speaker to mike. Can I use that wire/cord and use
mp3mymp3 recorder
<< I cant answer that give it a try and in mymp3recorder set your input device sound source to mic?
The idea is that the tools recording what you hear even if it's mic.
Vista 32 bit or x64 bit?
7 years old is really getting dated.
Hows your HDD still original have you backed up all your files to a USB drives just incase the drive fails soon?
Ok lets see if we can successfuly update your drivers for the sound card
Open control panel and open device manager
Or rightclick My Computer~>properties>
In the System Properties window, click on the Hardware tab.
 With the Hardware tab selected, click on the Device Manager button.
Scroll down to sound video game controller and expand it, click on the little arrow below it to see your audio card then right click that >properties>drivers>update
In the driver properties>can you see what date they are and post that back to me
If it's last year no need to update.
Have you been using windows updates?
And updated your Vista to SP 1 then SP2 then SP 3?<< that in itself may help
 updating sound card drivers
gudii9 any progress?
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