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hi Experts

I am using Delphi2007 and Indy Direct 10.1.5 following code the Tech said no Authority required or TLS
               except on E:Exception do
                 Memo6.Lines.add('ERROR: ' + e.Classname + '  ' + E.Message);
                 if idSMTP1.Connected then idSMTP1.Disconnect;

The Class name is EldSMTPReplyerror and the e.Message is Error

I want to create a log file using TidLogfile could you explain setting it up or why the eMessage doesn't give an error description or number

This program runs fine in other sites except for this one
They are running Windows 7 (2009) SP 1 workstation networked to Windows 2008 Server R2 standard SP 1
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Sinisa VukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
... is example how to dinamically create TidLogfile for debug purpose.
Please check firewall/antivirus settings if port is disabled first....
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