php-mcrypt 5.3 installation on Godaddy VDS CentOS5.6

Try to install php-mcrypt on my Godaddy VDS CentOS5.6, but it always come with PHP version 5.4 where my website does not support, I would like to know is there any way to install php-mcrypt without upgrading the PHP version environment.
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Milind KoyandeCommented:
Please let us know how you installed PHP (using Yum or source code) and how you are trying to install php-mcrypt. If the php is installed using YUM please give the output of
rpm -qa | grep php

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Also please let us know the current PHP version installed on VDS.
Ray PaseurCommented:
I think you should home in on the central issue here:
...PHP version 5.4 where my website does not support
Why not?  PHP 5.4 is the minimum supported level of PHP!  You may have a few changes to come up to that level, but the right approach is to get compatible with PHP 5.4, rather than continue to build an application on a back-level platform.

If you can tell us what is problematic in PHP 5.4, maybe we have seen the issues before and can offer some suggestions that will make the inevitable conversion easier for you.

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mombunhengAuthor Commented:
Here the output i got:

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On my server currently using PHP Version 5.3.3
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mombunhengAuthor Commented:
I did try install php-mcrypt through the following command the mCrypt extension working fine but it upgrade my current PHP environment to 5.4 there are 29 websites not working on 5.4
yum install mcrypt*
yum install mhash*
yum install php-mcrypt*
yum install php-mhash*

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Do you have any kind of a test bed for this application?  We do not want you to upgrade a production site without verification!
mombunhengAuthor Commented:
Yes, I had. Please kindly advice if you have any resolution to the above issue.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Yes, I had a test bed? Or yes, I had upgraded a production system without prior testing?
Milind KoyandeCommented:

I think you have Plesk Control Panel. Please check 
Now you can
1) check the PHP code and modify to work with PHP5.4
2) Uninstall PHP5.4 and reinstall PHP5.3 (a Risky task) I would suggest you to contact the hosting provider.
Ray PaseurCommented:
there are 29 websites not working on 5.4
Is there any symptom of failure?  Any messages or data base corruption?  Anything at all to tell us what "not working" means?
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