Ports that Exchange Server 2007 use ?


Can anyone please let us know which ports that are being used by the Exchange Server 2007 SP3 running as CCR nodes ?

this is for HT/CAS and Mailbox Server roles for the data center migration.

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Vijaya Babu SekarConnect With a Mentor Associate Ops ManagerCommented:
Please refer the below article for configuring static ports for Exchange 2007

and you can see listening ports using below command.

netstat –ban | findstr /i “listening”

MysidiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are talking about what ports between members of a cluster?
RPC.    A wide range of ports may be used, which are dynamically selected.

If you read the Microsoft documentation on the subject of communications between Exchange servers; you may note that it is not supported to have any firewall or incomplete connectivity between Exchange servers in a cluster or Exchange organization, or for that matter,  in between Exchange servers and domain controllers;
traffic required to be passed on all ports,  for it to be supported and function correctly.
Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
ok, so in this case, I can just reserved port 25 for SMTP in bound and outbound plus port 443 for SSL Active Sync between the HT / CAS and the Threat Manageemtn Gateway (TMG 2010) ?
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Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Thanks !
You can also see here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/154596/en-us
for directions on adjusting dynamic port ranges.

Keep in mind that configuring a static port for Exchange RPC does not reserve that port number.       This means,  that at any time Exchange is not running or has not registered that port;  there is nothing to say that another application  such as SMB/Windows file sharing  could not coincidentally map or acquire that port number  for an incoming or outgoing connection.

For example:  port  56001  is in the ephemeral port range;  when an application asks windows to select an ephemeral port for an outgoing or incoming connection;  Windows may choose 56001;
If the Exchange service is in a stopped state at that time, or has not otherwise registered the port.

In this rare cirucmstance,  what will happen is  being unable to acquire the statically configured port number (in the ephemeral port range); Exchange can fail to start.

Therefore;  there is a need to be mindful  of what other RPC applications (including  Active Directory client, Windows update and different Exchange RPC services)  may be running on the server,  and allocating outgoing ports,  especially at system boot time,   before Exchange starts up.
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