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Watchguard Firewall VPN and Exchange problem


I have two offices in different locations with a Watchguard XTM330 Firewall each connected using a BOVPN that was configured recently. In the main office we have an Exchange 2010 server configured to receive emails through the public IP of the firewall of that office.

The problem is since this was configured, almost all emaill messages that are sent to us get delayed and most of them don't ever arrive.

It happens mostly with emails with attachments or large text content. Altough some of the emails arrived, they arrived 1 or 2 days later.

I searched the main office firewall log (the one with the exchange server) and everytime the firewall receives an email, this Debug Message appears:

Process=iked  msg=******** RECV message on fd_server(7) ********
Process=iked  msg=recv CMD XPATH(/ping), need to process it

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Even if the email gets delayed and the exchange server never receives it.

So for what I can gather it appears that the emails get to the firewall, but never to the Exchange server.

Is there any other way to check where is the email getting delayed or what is delaying it?
1 Solution

1. i'll assume for now that the exchange server is configured correctly
2. i'll assume that the internet connection bandwidth between the two sites is "sufficiently designed"
2. could it be that a traffic limitation was configured on the bovpn tunnel? (if yes please disable it for testing purposes)
3. did you configure proxy actions on the bovpn tunnel? (if yes please disable it for testing purposes)
4. what traffic is allowed in and out the bovpn? (if limited, please try "any, any" and see if that changes anything)

ScreenFoxAuthor Commented:
The problem was the Incoming proxy action. Created a new clone of the original and its working now.
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