Cannot see files in the Documents folder

I have multi boot Windows. While in Windows 8  I tried to access the documents folder in Windows 7. I do not know what happened. I may have pressed some wrong key on the keyboard but that folder vanished for a while. Later on it was visible but nearly all my files in the Documents folder of Windows 7 are not visible whether accessing from Windows 7 or from Windows 8. I do a search of the files stored in that Document folder but with no result. How to access the files again?

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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1)  Try a Search using Everything

2)  If unsuccessful, stop using that hard drive if possible. You run the risk of wiping deleted files.   Download Recuva (using another PC or harddrive if possible) to see if you can find the missing files.

A curious thing is that you say " nearly all my files " are not visible.
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
permissions probably
from an administrative command prompt

takeown /f <drive>:\directory /R /D N
SALEM586Author Commented:
Can you please explain the command
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wshtyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you say "not visible" do you mean not visible in the libraries section or not visible in the "c:\users\<user>\Documents folder?
SALEM586Author Commented:
I  mean the "c:\users\<user>\Documents folder". I have set the permissions to Everyone using the Advanced tag of Securities of Documents but with no success. I do have a previous image but that would destroy a pain staking restoration of images of Roxio Creator and lesser pain of migration of HDD to a SSD.
hmm did you uncheck the  "do not display hidden files and folders" checkbox under folder options?
did you try to search for *.jpg (or similar file endings for your pictures/roxio files) under the partition root(C:\)

please use "tree size free" and confirm that the folders in question are empty.
SALEM586Author Commented:
I did uncheck " do not display hidden files and folder" under folders before it was mentioned on Expert Exchange Forum. I did try to search for files using both Copernic Desktop Search and Power Desk but they failed to discover these files. I also have Recover My Files installed but that is a long process of recovery. Since I have paid software installed it is  not necessary to install free software for that purpose I am still wondering where the files went?
SALEM586Author Commented:
I  just do not know how Documents turned up as My Documents in "My Music" folder. I do not know why such tools as Copernic Desktop Search, Power Desk, and Windows Search  and previous files of Microsoft Office could not locate my file?. Using Recover My Files I could not recover .dmsa files which Roxio uses so it was futile to run it. In exasperation I was just going to recover the hard disk through an image when I made the serendipty discovery. The drive on which Windows Seven is installed on is a new Intel Enterprise SSD viz. SSD 3500 where data corruption should not occur.
SALEM586Author Commented:
I have awarded points to all the experts who participated I shall be obliged if they could indulge & comment on the questions raised in my last comment.
SALEM586--Glad I could help.
It is not clear how you eventually did find those files.
However, it is not at all unusual that a slip of the mouse drags a file from one location to another.  (And Documents are right above Music in my Explorer tree.)  That is one of the main reasons I find Everything to be so useful!  :)
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The drive on which Windows Seven is installed on is a new Intel Enterprise SSD viz. SSD 3500 where data corruption should not occur.

Backup, Backup, Backup.. nothing is guaranteed in life. When an SSD fails it is a catastrophic failure.. nothing is recoverable.

You know how well, (see above) how fumble fingers can cause a problem.
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