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I have a number of PC's that I need to map to a network port number for an inventory. Due to the design of our desks physically verifying what the sticker next to the port says is proving difficult, I wondered if theres any command prompt you could run that may detail the network port number you are connected to (whether its even recorded)? If so can you provide details. All are windows 7 machines.
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TomRScottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you trying to ascertain the physical port on a given switch that a given computer is connected?

 - Tom
pma111Author Commented:
Yes please tom (not a network admin just doing an inventory)
LANSweeper will perform an inventory for units that are turned on. It may miss some that have WMI blocked or other issues, but will at least report such units.

It also has a mapping function, as I recall.  However, I do not recall if it provides switch port numbers.

For a basic inventory, the switch ports should not be needed.

 - Tom
I don't understand how/why http:#a39457678 was chosen as the solution for this question.
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