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I have a website that I am working on that is Wordpress based using the Thesis theme. I would like to create a number of pages that are attached to a cascading menu as follows

Media > Images > Festival 1 > Festival 2
              Sounds > Clip1 > Clip2

I would like to disable the click on the media, images and sounds pages so that the user can only select from the next level down because at the moment ,they go to a blank page when clicking one of the aforementioned 3 pages.

Hope I have explained this well enough.


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You can't disable the link, but you can replace it with a link to "#",  which had the same effect.

In WordPress,  go to the menu editor,  and create a new to level menu item as a custom menu item (instead of creating it from a page). Create it as a custom menu item with a link to  #.

Now, of someone clicks the top level menu item, it will appear to have no effect so they will be forced to click a sub menu item.
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Forgot to add: create the same type of custom menu for images and sounds so that those sub menus will not have a reaction when clicked either.


Many thanks for your input, I am using the Thesis theme with the Thesis menu and cannot see where to change the link.

Could you please advise?


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