Partitons appear with same drive letter

Hi All,

Just have a quick question. I am working with an Admin who is experiencing a strange issue with some partitions he created on a Dynamic Disk. Using Disk Management on his Server 2008 R2 server he shrunk a volume down to create a 450GB volume. He then assign a drive letter to the volume and found that 2 additional volumes where created with the same drive letter. All 3 volumes equal the size of the volume he created. When he changes one volume Drive Letter the others change to.

I have included the screen shots sent to me from the server. I think it is down to how he created the first volume and now it has split the volume into 3 slices (if that makes sense).

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light. I have asked the admin to deleted the volume and reformat it as a single volume and then try to re-create it.
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albert_miquelConnect With a Mentor it managerCommented:
is just what you said the volume is in 3 pieces of the drive like you says , you have these viewing because you are working on a dynamic disk .

if you recreate the volume you will have the same viewing.
create a backup
change disk to basic and recreate all partitions in order as you want
brianquinAuthor Commented:
Hi Albert,

Thanks for the feedback. Thats what I was thinking. Pretty there is no way to extended them into one but there you go.
brianquinAuthor Commented:
Hi Albert, Just a quick follow up question. Is it best to use Basic or Dynamic Disks when you are using a SAN. The admin is using a Dell MD3200 via SAS/HPA for storage requirements. Just wondering if Disk 1 (from the image) should have been created as a Basic disk from the start and would it cause any issues with flexibility or creating volumes.
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Seth SimmonsConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
i see no reason whatsoever to be using dynamic disks on non-local storage

dynamic disks are used for software raid or breaking the partition as you have it. using it on an external (san/das) array with hardware raid makes no sense and is not supported if you are doing any sort of H/A.  keep the disks basic
albert_miquelConnect With a Mentor it managerCommented:
Is quite better no to use Dynamics disks if you dont need for disaster recovery is better a Dynamic disk
/ Windows backup is not supported no Dynamic disks specially no system drives
The recovery tools not all support Dynamic disks
So use BASIC if you dont want to use encriptions
brianquinAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys, Thanks for the response. I just wanted to confirm my own take on it. Admin was adamant that they use dynamic disk (even though they are using a SAN already).

Again thanks for the great replies, much appreciated.
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