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configuration HP switch with telnet: no untagged

Hi there,

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 1-22
   no ip address
   no untagged 23-24

Please explain me the line:     no untagged 23-24
What is the resultat ?



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Pete Long
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By default all ports are "untagged" in VLAN 1 (the default VLAN)
By removing the untagged status these 2 ports no longer have a default vlan.
What's the difference between tagged and untagged? If a port is a tagged member it passes the VLAN information with the traffic it sends. If it is untagged it sends the VLAN traffic without adding in the VLAN tag. So you would only make a port a tagged member if the device that is plugged into it is VLAN aware, i.e. another switch, router, or machine with a VLAN aware NIC. (Note: The VLAN tag is the ID that gets inserted into the head of a network packet).

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But it is "no untagged"
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You ask: What is the resultat ?
The result can be seen in the rest of your config, where these ports are untagged or tagged member of something else, only not vlan1.
You cannot have a port not belonging to at least one vlan, that is called an orphan.
So perhaps think of the 'no untagged'-statement as an early warning, some further config must follow.