Duplicate Holidays in outlook


We have a client who is running windows 8 and outlook 2013.

We wish to add the Holidays onto the machine for several different countries.

I go to options, Calendar, add Holidays...  Select the countries I want and click okay.  It prompts me to tell me that it is already installed, and if I want to install it again.  If I click on No and check they are not on the calendar, if I click on yes it adds them.  When I then check the calendar to make sure they are all in there 9 times.  I have tried deleting them from the calendar using the event view and adding them back in again and again it says they are already installed and if you click yes there is 9 of them.

Any ideas?

They are connected via Exchange 2010
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Raj-GTSystems EngineerCommented:
The same holiday, for example Christmas, might appear multiple times because it is a holiday in many parts of the world. You should also look the the date of the listed entries and you'll find that Outlook actually adds the holiday for the next few years. It would help if you change the view to Active in Outlook and show the categories field which would show the Country name against the holiday entry.

See attached for an example.
afflik1923Author Commented:
As part of testing I only added in the UK holidays.  This still caused there to be 9 of each holiday.  I believe all of them being the same date.  Am just going to double check this.
afflik1923Author Commented:
I set the view to list and added columns to show created date.

Luckily the duplicates where created on a different date.  Deleted the duplicates.

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afflik1923Author Commented:
Found the resolution
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