Configuring RIP Version 1 Route Summarization Help

please check this link first :

and go to this part :

Router Hearts has these two interfaces and I used these network commands:


This works perfectly fine as you have seen. I also could have used just one network command:


If I would have used network I would have had the same result. Both /24 and /24 fall within this range so RIP would have been activated on both interfaces and network /24 and /24 would have been advertised.

Even the following network command would work:


Network basically means “enable RIP on all interfaces and advertise everything”. This is what we call the “shotgun approach”. I sometimes like to use it in labs when I quickly want to advertise all networks on my router.

can anyone help me why i wirte Hearts(config-router)#network ???
i know to summarize the two network but the each network in different location ..
so who i know this network from fa0/0 or fa0/1 ????

and in this case if i ping for example from other router to  the packet will send to the router in the middle but it reply by echo request time out or destination unreachable ?
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When I again went through the thread, it looks to me that when he said "you could have used"  he meant RIPv2 because in any case you will not be able to use in RIPv1. Actually, he should have clarified that he is suggesting it for RIPv2 not v1.

Bottom line is: you cannot use in RIP v1.

Start using GNS3 simulator and you can have all your future doubts cleared on any network topology without asking anyone.

In this scenario, if you use, you will see no RIP routing updates/table anywhere because v1 will not send anything. :)

He is using in ONLY router Hearts. Hearts have 2 networks only, and So in place of typing twice, he uses a single network which covers both of them in router Hearts.

You WILL NOT KNOW while pinging which IP belong to which interface. You ping the IP and it's only the IP(in the routing table) which you get back the reply from. It is expected that you will know which ip belongs to which interface in a router. It has got nothing to do with ping or the routing table.

If you type ping from Spade or Clubs, the router Hearts will reply back to you using icmp echo-reply.

AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
sry for being later , one question when i type mean matching all network in this range.. when i write network in ripv1 what will happen
bcz as i know rip v1 is class full and 192.168 is class C the subnet mask is

so it should directly switched to 192.168.X.0 and x is unknown ..???

this my question ... what happen when i add this network
the ripv1 match this one with the interface ip of the router than he will send to his neighbor //?
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
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