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Passing variables from Excel Module to Access Module

I have two VBA modules.

the first is in Excel and creates two date variables and then calls an Access Macro (which runs a Function Module)  which creates a table based on the Date Variables.

When I run the Excel module the Access Query runs but the dates do not pass over and the query hangs up.

Here are the two modules.  Can you tell me what I can do to correct this?

Excel Module:

Private Sub RunCreateTable()

Dim strDb As String
Dim appAccess As Object
Dim ModName As String

Dim startdt As String
Dim enddt As String

startdt = "#" & Format$(DateSerial(2013, 4, 1), "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"
enddt = "#" & Format$(DateSerial(2013, 7, 31), "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"

ModName = "mcrCreate"

strDb = "P:\Accounting\NHSN.accdb"

Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")

With appAccess
    .OpenCurrentDatabase strDb
    .DoCmd.RunMacro ModName
End With

Set appAccess = Nothing

End Sub

Access Module:

Option Compare Database

Function CreateNHSNTbl()

DoCmd.SetWarnings False

Dim MyDb As DAO.Database
Dim qdef As DAO.QueryDef
Dim SQL As String
Dim strWhere As String

Set MyDb = CurrentDb()

MyDb.QueryDefs.Delete "qry_NHSN_tbl"

strWhere = " WHERE(((dbo_AbstractData.PatientClass) <> 'IN')) AND (dbo_SchAppointmentOrOperations.Description IS NOT NULL) "
strWhere = strWhere & "GROUP BY dbo_SchOrPatCases.SurgeonName, dbo_AbstractData.Name, dbo_AbstractData.BirthDateTime, dbo_AbstractData.UnitNumber, "
strWhere = strWhere & "dbo_SchAppointments.DateTime, dbo_SchAppointmentOrOperations.Description, dbo_SchOrPatCases.VisitID, dbo_AbstractData.AccountNumber "
strWhere = strWhere & "HAVING (dbo_SchAppointments.DateTime)between " & startdt & " and " & enddt & ";"

SQL = "SELECT dbo_SchOrPatCases.SurgeonName AS Surgeon, dbo_AbstractData.Name AS PTName, dbo_AbstractData.BirthDateTime AS DOB, "
SQL = SQL & "dbo_AbstractData.UnitNumber AS [MedRec#], dbo_SchAppointments.DateTime AS ProcDate, dbo_SchAppointmentOrOperations.Description AS ProcDescr "
SQL = SQL & " into tblNHSNProcedures "
SQL = SQL & " FROM (((((dbo_SchOrPatCases LEFT JOIN dbo_AbsOperationProcedures ON dbo_SchOrPatCases.VisitID = dbo_AbsOperationProcedures.VisitID) "
SQL = SQL & "LEFT JOIN dbo_AbstractData ON dbo_SchOrPatCases.VisitID = dbo_AbstractData.VisitID) LEFT JOIN dbo_AdmVisitOrders "
SQL = SQL & "ON dbo_SchOrPatCases.VisitID = dbo_AdmVisitOrders.VisitID) LEFT JOIN Sheet1 ON dbo_AbsOperationProcedures.ProcedureCode = Sheet1.ProcedureCode) "
SQL = SQL & "LEFT JOIN dbo_SchAppointments ON dbo_AbstractData.VisitID = dbo_SchAppointments.VisitID) LEFT JOIN dbo_SchAppointmentOrOperations "
SQL = SQL & "ON dbo_SchAppointments.AppointmentID = dbo_SchAppointmentOrOperations.AppointmentID "
SQL = SQL & strWhere

Set qdef = MyDb.CreateQueryDef("qry_NHSN_tbl", SQL)

DoCmd.OpenQuery "qry_NHSN_tbl"

End Function

I tested the Access Module with the date variables within the Access Module and it works fine.  The end product is to reference cells in Excel for the dates.


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Dim MyDb As DAO.Database
Dim qdef As DAO.QueryDef

These two statements are giving me the error:

User-defined type not defined
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This worked perfectly after I loaded the DAO library.

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