Add Existing Content Database to a new WSS 3 Web Application

We have had a big issue with one of our WSS 3 SharePoint sites.
To cut a long story short we were supposed to be restoring a SharePoint List using Backup Exec.  Instead of restoring just the list we started restoring the whole content database for the SharePoint Site.  We cancelled the Restore.   But the SharePoint site would not work.

We restored the SQL Database and Transaction logs from SQL Servers Backup.  However the SharePoint Site still would not work.

I then looked on the SharePoint Services 3 Administration Console and saw that the Web Application that should be attached to the Content Database no longer existed.

I then remembered what Backup Exec had said when we cancelled the Job.  "To complete the Restore wait until the web Application appears in the SharePoint Central Administration Console"  Well the Web Application did not appear even after we rebooted the SharePoint Server.

The IIS site that was the SharePoint web Application is still in IIS. It looks like I will need to create another SharePoint Services 3 Web Application and attach the restored content database.  to the new Web Application.  I am waiting for a call back from Microsoft Professional Services to help me.  But is this all that needs to be done.  Is there anything else I should be thinking of or aware of?  Any questions I should put to the Microsoft support tech when he calls?  Or do you think I could just try adding a new web application and attaching the content database to it.  Just don't want to make any more mistakes which is why I am hanging on for MS.

Any advice appreciated.
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Mohammed KhawajaConnect With a Mentor Manager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
You are on the right track  as all you need to do is create a new web app and point it to the content db.  You may have to re-apply some customization but you should have all your lists and libraries.

Next time use WSS recycle bin to undelete lists, etc.
cmiadminAuthor Commented:
Hi The list had not actually been deleted, but a whole load of changes had been made that needed to be reversed.

We got the system back by creating a new web app as suggested by you and pointing it at the existing Content Database.
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