SQL005 Jobs Not working as normal

I have a SQL2005 job that restores some databases that has been running for at least a year with problems.

About a week ago the first restore in the job started taking 10 times longer to run but the following restores seemed to run normally.  Thinking that it might have something to do with the database I changed the order and used a different database as step #1.  With the order changed and a different database as Step #1 that database took 10 times longer to run and the previous #1 ran as normal.

The entire job does complete but instead of 2 hours it now takes 5 hours.

The other interesting thing is that normally I can "view history" while the job runs and watch as each step executes however now I can't see anything about the job execution until after it has completed.  

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
if changing the db order does not reproduce the issue on the same database, the issue is somewhere else.
I would guess it's the disk where the restores are stored on: initial access time being changed (or the destination disk ...)

is the backup source on a dedicated disk? anything changed about that disk?
Eugene ZCommented:
please clarify:

1. "restores some databases"  - does it affect all DBs or some?
2. how fast runs backup for the "slow" restores?
3. is it the same server for bkps \restore?
4. where is the backup files location?
5. how big the "slow" dbs size? was it changed since the last "fast" run?
6. are there any related errors in the event viewer\sql errorlog?
7. is there enough cpu\memory?
8. is it native sql backup or 3rd party ?
9. if 3rd- is it compressed?
10. when did you reboot this box last time?
11. are you running anything during the "bad" time: another sql jobs? antivirus? etc
jdr0606Author Commented:
It does not appear to be job related most likely resource issues.  The steps in the job run OK some nights and much more slowly other nights.  i.e. last Wednesday night the entire job took 2:45 minutes (normal), Thursday night it took over 5 hours and Friday night 5.5hours.

Currently looking at resources other than SQL which I no longer believe is a factor.

Thanks for the input.

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jdr0606Author Commented:
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Eugene ZCommented:
just ignore this - wrong post
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