cannot get lytbox to work
I have got lytebox to work on another site, but on this site it doesn't work.
 I have tried everything.
Why ?
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It works for me using Firefox 23.0.1, IE8, and Chrome 28.0.1500.95 in XP, but there is "X" button to close the overlaid image, and there isn't anything anywhere that hints to a visitor that they should click outside of the image to close it.  This is not really very intuitive, and because the overlaid image loads in IE8 without the black masking layer that shows in the other browsers, clicking outside the image area is hard without clicking one of the Google Ad links instead.  People generally look for an "X" or "Close" button/link somwehere within the white border of the overlaid image.
Kyle HamiltonConnect With a Mentor Data ScientistCommented:
it works for me.

what browser/OS are you using?

what errors are you getting?
isnoend2001Author Commented:
I  am using firefox 23.0.1 it works locally,(but no close button) another problem.

The top image fills the whole screen .
The bottom image shows smaller, but the dark lytebox fills the whole screen, so you cannot click outside the image to close it. I fi can get it to display properly I will post another question
regarding the close button.
in the mean-time i will try with another browser
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isnoend2001Author Commented:
tried chrome and ie, neither works
Works in Chrome!
Version 28.0.1500.95
isnoend2001Author Commented:
I tried it in Chrome 29.0.1547.62 and the top image works, but not the bottom
isnoend2001Author Commented:
the 2 images are top of page on the right side
isnoend2001Author Commented:
Finally found the problem, but don't know how to fix it
I leave this asp include file out and it works:
<!-- #include file ="Includes_ASP/footer.asp" -->
the footer file:

contens of footer include file
<a href="../default.asp">Home</a>&nbsp;
|&nbsp; <a href="../about.asp">About Us</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
|&nbsp; <a href="../support.asp">Contact
      Us</a>&nbsp; | <a href="../links.asp">Links </a>
| <a href="../Privacy.asp"> Your Privacy</a> |&nbsp; <a href="../SiteMap.asp">Site map</a> &nbsp;|
<script type=text/javascript>
var _u   = "service";
var _d = "";
var _l   = _u + "@" + _d;
var _m = "E-mail Us";
document.write("<a href='mailto:"+_l+"'>"+_m+"</a>");
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This page last updated: 09-04-2013
I will post another question to try to get a fix
Thank you isnoend2001.  I see you asked another question and have resolved the issue.  While looking at this question and at the site again, after you posted the code above, I did try (amongst other things) changing rel to class in the link tag as per the lytebox instruction page and previous experience with other "lightbox" JavaScripts:
<a href="images/8_7_spots.jpg" rel="lytebox" title="8 7 spots">
<a href="images/8_7_spots.jpg" class="lytebox" title="8 7 spots">
but it didn't fix the issue for me at that time.  Maybe just persistent browser cache that I didn't clear.
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