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Aruba Wireless

I have Aruba AP & Mobile Controller. I have 2 SSID created for my wireless access.
I want to achieve the below.

SSID 1 Network should be used for my laptop users & it will be able to access certain resources in the network.

SSID 2 Network should be used for my Smart Phone  users & it will be able to access only certain resources in the network.

I don't want users using Smart Phone to connect to the SSID 1 & the vice versa.
I would like to know what are the options available to achieve it.
What kind of authentication to be provided.....

How to segregate uses using SSID 1 & users using SSID 2.
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Craig Beck
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If you need to separate users on different SSIDs you need to attach the SSIDs to separate VLANs and firewall them.

To stop smartphones from connecting to the laptop SSID you need to use EAP-TLS for authentication (digital certificates) on the laptop SSID.
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Jakob Digranes
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