XP PC can't access Shared printer off Windows 7 PC

 I installed Brother printer on the main PC (called PC1) and created a share where "Everyone" has full permission. When I got to PC2 (that runs Windows XP OS), open windows explorer, and enter \\PC2, I get an "Permission" error.

 How can I fix this?

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On the Windows 7 PC, is the firewall running?  If so, you may have to turn on file and print sharing exception in order for the XP computer to see it.  You might also have to turn on Network Discovery in Windows 7.

See the link below and perform Step 2 on the Windows 7 PC.

Your not going directly to the share.

To get there try \\PC2\sharename and see what happens,

In case of Windows7 there is an interesting "feature". If you share something with full permissions for everyone, to look for all shares you still need a username/password from XP.

Try to create a user named "x" with password "x" and use it to connect to the pc generally.

else if you do not want to create users then try to connect to the exact share name.


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Dear . Can you try by IP   LIKE   OF PC 1     \\
and check the antivirus is firewall is  off try to do it
If I'm not misunderstanding, the share is on PC1, not PC2... so try
from the XP machine.

To quickly eliminate them as the cause, temporarily disable the Firewalls on both machines. Don't forget to enable them again (one at a time so if it stops working again you know which one caused it) once you get the printer shared properly.
I would recommend sharing the printer, but just not using normal Windows printer sharing.

There will be 4 basic steps to resolve the issue
    1- Setup the Brother printer on the Windows 7 PC (PC1)
    2- Install LPD print service on the Windows 7 PC hosting the printer (PC1)
    3- Install Print Services for UNIX on the XP workstation from which you want to print (PC2)
    4- Setup a Windows printer on the same XP workstation from step 3, but use LPR printing. (PC2)

Step 1 - Setup the Brother printer on the Windows 7 workstation  (I assume that this step is completed and the printer works fine from Windows 7)

Step 2 - Enable LPD on a Windows 7 PC hosting the printer (This will allow you to have another way to get the jobs into the print queue)
    a- GoTo Start and type appwiz.cpl in the search box and hit Enter
    b- Click on Turn Windows features on and off in the left pane
    c- Click the + sign next to Print and Document Services
    d- Enable the feature for LPD Print Service
    e- Click OK
    f- You may be prompted to Restart

Step 3 - Enable LPR on the Windows XP PC that will want to print to the new LPD hosted printer
    a- GoTo Start and type appwiz.cpl in the search box and hit Enter
    b- Click on Add/Remove Windows Components in the left pane
    c- Click on Other Network File and Print Services
    d- Click on Details
    e- Enable Print Services for UNIX
    f- Click on OK
    g- Click on Next
    h- Click on Finish
    i- Close the Add/Remove Programs window

Step 4 - Setup a printer to use LPR on a Windows XP PC (same PC from Step 3)
    a- GoTo Start | Settings | Printers and Faxes
    b- Add Printer
    c- Click Next
    d- Select Local printer (Uncheck Automatically detect and install, if checked)
    e- Click Next
    f- Select Create a new Port
    g- Select LPR Port from the drop down menu
    h- Click Next
    i- In the top field (Name or address of server providing LPD), enter the DNS name OR the TCP/IP address of the Windows 7 PC hosting the printer
    j- In the bottom field (Name of printer or print queue on that server), enter the name of the desired Windows printer on the Windows 7 PC hosting the printer
    k- Click OK
    l- Continue onward with a normal Windows printer setup by picking the desired print driver and naming the printer until finished  
    m- Open the newly created printer's properties
    n- GoTo the Ports tab
    o- Uncheck Enable Bidirectional support if it's enabled
    p- Click Apply
    q- GoTo the General tab and send a test print
    r- Click OK to close

    1- This methodology will allow the desired Windows workstations to print to the Brother printer on the Windows 7 PC without having to modify the permissions or use a guest account.  
    2- LPR uses 11 ports by default so if a sending workstation needs to send more than 11 print jobs within a minute or two, let me know and I can explain how to increase the # of available ports. Without the change there would be a delay on the 12th print job of a couple minutes, but it would still print.  I only mention this because if you need to print lots of small jobs in a short period of time, it will be necessary.  I have found that this is not necessary for 97% of all of the workstations that I have encountered.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late reply.
The problem was that I did not have passwords on these usernames on both PC1 (win7) and PC2 (Win XP). The reason I found out was that on both PCs, I created the account "backup" with the password "backup". When I logged in as "backup" on PC2, I was able to see the shared devices from PC1 and was able to install the printer off PC1.
Then I logged in to PC2 as another user (w/o account password) and confirmed that the newly installed printer was there.
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