"Is Not Null" vs "Not Is Null"

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Hey guys, according to this page, is not null and not is null are the same


However when I am using not is null for a findfirst string I get an error. However is not null works perfect.

So what's the difference and what do y'all recommend I use? Thanks guys!! = ))
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I (we) recommend what works perfect.


I would also not think too much about that: The experts of the other forum already have discussed it and came to the conclusion that the optimizer, the SQL parser will analyze that and convert that into the best possible plan. Normally "IS NULL" and "IS NOT NULL" is the preferable way as it belongs together as one expressions, where "NOT IS NULL" are two different expressions of "NOT" and "IS NULL".

But anyway: Use the tool I've linked in one of your previous questions to show the execution plan of Access and you'll see what happens...


haha gustav okie dokes! = )

got it Christian! i think the Not Is Null is 2 expressions is what i was looking for - now i understand it better.

thanks Christian and gustav!! = ))

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