MySQL query - dealing with parent- child relations in a table (multiple levels)


I have table [categories] - this table contains all the categories in my product catalogue.

there table has a number of fields - the 2 of importance here are the categories id (Unique)
and the parent_id

The top level categories have a blank parent - this is because they are not contained inside another category , there is only 12 of these , the remaining 5,000 categories have a parent id,

The parent id on a record say "This category(category_id) is contained inside this category(parent_id) "

What i am looking for is a well optimised query that will return all the category_id's that are inside a given category id

i.e. child categories, child child categories , child child child categories - an so on.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
for hierarchical data (in MySQL), I found this article most helpful:

you will notice that with "usual" table design, mysql lacking recursive queries, you cannot do it in 1 single query. the workaround would be to solve this with a stored procedure (for example) looping until all child records have been found...
Hi there,

As MySQL doesn't support recursive select, I always use recursive function to create my tree.
Here is my code (from one of my PHP projects):

// Returns an array with list of subcategories that belong to a given parent node (except node exceptID)
function GetSubCategList(mysqli &$aDb, $rootID = 0, $exceptID = 0){

    // makes the SQL
    $sqlBase = "select c.CategoryID, if(isnull(c.ParentID), 0, c.ParentID) as ParentID, 
                    c.Name, c.Description, p.Name as ParentName, c.Idx, c.Poza, c.Memo 
                from tbl_categories c 
                left join tbl_categories p on (c.ParentID = p.CategoryID)
                where if(c.ParentID is null, 0, c.ParentID) = $rootID
                    and c.CategoryID <> $exceptID 
                order by c.Idx, c.Name";
    $result = array();
    if ($rs = $aDb->query($sqlBase)) {
        while ($row = $rs->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
        	array_push($result, $row);

    return $result;
//  Returns an array with the whole categories tree, starting from the given parent
function MakeCategoryTree(&$aDb, $ParentNodeID, $exceptID = 0, $nLevel = 0){
    $tblRes = GetSubCategList(&$aDb, $ParentNodeID, $exceptID);
    $arrResult = array();
    // tree loop
    foreach($tblRes as $row){
        $row['Level'] = $nLevel;
        array_push($arrResult, $row);
        $arrResult = array_merge($arrResult, MakeCategoryTree(&$aDb, $row['CategoryID'], $exceptID, $nLevel) );
    return $arrResult;

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