Outlook 2010 Duplicate To-Do

I have a problem with my Outlook 2010, which connects to an Exchange Server 2010 (SBS2011):
My to-do list view keeps showing duplicate entries (there is 2 of everything), although it's actually a single entry.
It seems to happen after the first synchronization when the connection is on the local net, when I synch the first time out of office through HTTPS.
outlook.exe /resettodobar and /clenreminders did not have any effect.
Deleting and recreating the profile works sometimes but after a while the problem comes back (and having 4GB of email to carry around re-creating when I'm out of office is not really a good option).

Thanks for any help.
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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Please refer below link this might be help u out.


Also check your account sync with any mobile device this might be cause.
Bozen999Author Commented:
I looked at the article, and can confirm that I tried all possible solutions posted there, save for the "recreate user profile" which might work, for some time, but it's not really an answer.
I only synch with an iPhone and can tell the issue is not there, as the items are not really duplicated, the to-do list shows them twice.
This bug has been around for quite some time, and spans across 3 versions of outlook, and the answer is always: re-create user profile... Not a REAL solution in my opinion.
Bozen999Author Commented:
I think I found the solution, or at least I was able to solve it.
It seems that with Exchange 2010, shared mailboxes are 'pushed' automatically on the outlook client (this actually saves a great deal of time when users ask to open a shared mailbox in a company environment, and this trick makes the mailbox appear on their clients simply after they are given rights to it).

It seems that also the main mailbox account of the user is treated this way (maybe because I am also admin on this particular exchange server) and so while opening the profile configuration from the control panel does not show anything, accessing 'Account properties...' by right-clicking on the root of the navigation pane in outlook brings up all the extra accounts open by default because of the rights one has on them.

In short: my own account behaved both as private and shared mailbox for my user login. It was an account duplication problem, but it wouldn't show up on the account properties.

I post this without really being sure of the reasons, hoping someone else can pick up from here and verify in depth or just find it useful.

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Bozen999Author Commented:
After another incident, I finally found a way:
- Close Outlook on the client PC
- use Exchange 2010 panel wizard to give the user Full Access permissions to the mailbox (even though it's the owner of the mailbox)
- Open Outlook and then close it
- remove the Full Access permission on the Exchange Server mailbox
- restart the PC (without the restart it does not work)

It works but I have no idea why, I have not had any problem since.
On the other hand I tried all the solutions I could find in internet without success (and recreating the profile is not much fun when it's 4GB and you're out of office for a month, and in any case the problem comes back as soon as the exchange server becomes 'local', even with a VPN connection).
Bozen999Author Commented:
Problem was on exchange permissions. Solved without recreating the account. Not completely sure...
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