Mac in windows Domain

Please correct me where I am wrong:

If I understand, we can bind or join Mac workstations to Active Directory, but we can not manage them through GPOs.

However, we can install a separate MAC server that we can bind to AD, then bind Mac workstation to both AD if we have not done so, and also bind it to MAC server (Open Directory)
That way we can push the setting  to MAC workstations through Mac Server Managed preferences.

By the way , how does Open Directory gets installed on Mac server ?

Now if I purchase a third party like Centrify , do I still need to install Mac Server
or I just need to install Centrify on a DC and it will automatically add the MAC settings as a template to AD GPO, and from AD GPO I can manage MAC workstations settings?

I appreciate your insight

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netballiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are deploying a third party product like Centrify then you dont need to install Mac Server as the Centrify will take care of the Mac system management.

here is alike for some interesting reading along these lines.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
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