AIX kernel tuning and parameter file

Where AIX has kernel parameter file to tune some of the parameters?
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AIX has commands for tuning. The files where the tuning parameters are stored are not meant to be edited by hand.

The respective commands are:

ioo - I/O options
lvmo - Logical Volume Manager options
nfso - NFS options
no - Network options
raso - RAS options
schedo - Processor scheduler options
vmo - Virtual Memory Manager options

Each command has its manpage and would recognize the flags "-h" for command usage, "-L" and/or "-a" for a list of tunable values and "-h parameter" for a detailed description of the named parameter.

For your information, the files storing the values are in the /etc/tunables directory, namely:

lastboot - values effective at last reboot
nextboot - non-default values to be set/changed at next reboot

mokkanAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much. It affects right a way or need a reboot?
There are dynamic tunables where changes take effect immediatley, others which require a reboot and finally there are static tunables which can never be changed.

Some special variants exist as well - "bosboot" tunables which require recreation of the boot image and a subsequent reboot, "mount" tunables where changes take effect after a filesystem umount/mount, "connect" tunables whose changes take effect for new network connections only and also very rare "incremental" ones whose values can only be incremented.

Use the "-L" flag with each of the commands I mentioned (except for "lvmo" which doesn't suport this flag) and see the last column ("TYPE").
There is a key to the abbreviations at the bottom of the list.

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mokkanAuthor Commented:
Awesome and as usual you are very help.
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