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RDP into Windows 2003 & 2008 servers

I connect via RDP to my client's domain daily checking and restarting servers as needed. There are five servers in the domain (2x2008 R2 64 bit, and 3x2003 32 bit).

I always log into one by rdp and then rdp from that server into the others. Months back, when I log into a 2nd server, the I could always dray the bar at the top to the right or left and the current servers bar would show up. I could minimize that rdp connection and be on the 1st server. Lately, when I drag that bar to the right or left, the current bar does not display.

How do I display it?
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Jason Watkins
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Does the bar appear if you hover the mouse in the general area? If so, click the thumb-tack icon to fix the bar in position.
Hmm, Very interesting.

At this time I can only guess one scenario. A client with multi monitor Screens.

In this case try to disable some monitors.
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Keep in mind, I'm on a win 7 Ultimate Pc using RDP to log into server$6. At that point the bar shows.

From #6, I log into #5. Normally I drag the bar (which should display the bar from #5),   minimize it and I'm on the desktop of #6.

When I drag the bar, there is nothing behind it.

No system being used has multiple monitors. None of the hardware has changed in the last six months.
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Ok, I was not aware it was not a supported function. I've been dong it for years with no problem until recently. You might want to try it and see what happens. i'm interested if it's just my network or if's something that changed in Windows or RDP.