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hp data protector express basic 5.0.00 hangs

Have been using HP data protector express basic for almost a year without any problems, then 4 days ago backup started to hang. Completes about 7% of backup then stalls. No errors, status remains "running" but nothing is happening. Have stopped and restarted several times, but no change. Left backup running, and what used to take 2 hours has been going for 3 days now and still at 7%.
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Thomas Rush
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Well, that doesn't sound good.

Which tape drive and manufacturer do you have?   There may be tools that would help you diagnose the issue.

What are the lights on the front of the tape drive doing, including  with no tape loaded, with a tape loaded but not in use, and during the hang?

Have you tried using a different tape cartridge?
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HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 SAS
Ready light on at start, flashes during mounting, formatting, running.
Completes approx 7%  of job then stalls, ready stops flashing and stays on.
Tried new cartridge.
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it was the solution...