'This set cannot be cataloged because the media containing the set data is missing. '

My backup server running backup exec 12 has blown up.

I had a backup to disk aimed at a different server. The .bak files appear to be OK but when ever I try to restore them using NTBACKUP the following appears  -

'This set cannot be cataloged because the media containing the set data is missing. '

Do I need to restore them with backup exec, is this why they are failing? Plus I'm attempting to restore the .bak files from their original location.
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SelfGovernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Backup Exec may be able to read NT Backup files, but it doesn't (to the best of my knowledge) work the other way.

You can download Backup Exec and run it in eval mode for a month, which will allow you to restore your files from the BE-created source.

You will have to catalog the files before you perform the restore.
Ratnesh MishraCommented:
I am not sure about ,how you are trying to restore. Hope the below link will help you and guide you how to perform.

Most probably you must be trying it from administrator or backup admin , please update ntbackup.exe  

APC_40Author Commented:
The .bak files are not from tape they were from a backup to disk folder in backup exec. For each day there is 4 .bak files (i think I set the max in BE to be 4GB).

Any other suggestions? Do I need to catalogue the entire folder in backup exec or something?
APC_40Author Commented:
Thanks. Installed BE and restored the data
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