promote file server to domain controller

I have a 2003 file server that currently stores photos for network users. It has a c drive and a d drive, both are different physical drives.  The c drive has the operating system on it. The d drive is shared to all users on the network and stores the photos.  Users can save and delete photos on the d drive as needed.  I want to promote this server to a domain controller.  If I do that, will the users still have the rights to save/delete photos from the shared d drive?


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jerseysamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I however, would probably suggest that you ideally do NOT use a DC for file server.

Ideally you would have a separate file server.

As a matter of caution i could copy folders and files off, using robocopy with permission copying onto a separate storage device and then do your DCPromo.
It will be fine as far as the shares are concerned.
Steven HarrisConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Your DC is a critical component of your network.  All it will take is one corrupt file on your "file server" D Drive to bring your DC to its knees.

I would never suggest dual rolling a DC Server.
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