Exchange Activesync Powershell

I just found this script online that will tell me almost everything i need to know about my exchange 2010 activesync connections. the only thing i am missing the lastsuccesssync parameter.
I have pasted the bit of the script that seems to deal with the device parameters and was hoping someone could tell me what i need to add to make it give lastsuccesssync as well.

####  Get Mailbox

$EASDevices = “”
$AllEASDevices = @()

$EASDevices = ”| select ‘User’,'DeviceType’,'DeviceModel’,'DeviceOS’
$EasMailboxes = Get-Mailbox
foreach ($EASUser in $EasMailboxes) {
$EASDevices.user = $EASUser.displayname
    foreach ($EASUserDevices in Get-ActiveSyncDevice -Mailbox $EasUser.alias) {
    $EASDevices.devicetype = $EASUserDevices.devicetype
    $EASDevices.devicemodel = $EASUserDevices.devicemodel
    $EASDevices.deviceos = $EASUserDevices.deviceos
    $AllEASDevices += $EASDevices | select user,devicetype,devicemodel,deviceos
$AllEASDevices = $AllEASDevices | sort user
$AllEASDevices | Export-Csv $exportpath\ActiveSyncReport.csv


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David CarrCommented:
LastSuccessSync is a property of Get-ActiveSyncDevicesStatistics and is only available in Exchange Server 2010

Try the following code
Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics $_.Identity -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select DeviceType,DeviceID,DeviceModel,DeviceFriendlyName,LastSuccessSync,@{Name='User';Expression={$UserName}}

See more at
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
Yeah we are on exchange 2010 alright.
tried your command and nothing happens EMS just moves onto next line.
David CarrCommented:
Correction. Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics is not a 2010 only cmdlet. Sorry about that.

Pick a user and run the following:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -mailbox alias | select DeviceType, LastSuccessSync

You should see outuput like the following:

DeviceType                                    LastSuccessSync
----------                                            ---------------
BlackBerry                                     1/31/2013 1:23:31 PM
TestActiveSyncConnectivity         1/24/2013 1:28:02 PM

the link I posted above has the complete script that  you can reference. Sorry I was not clear.
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kingcastleAuthor Commented:
grand i can get that bit but how would i incorporate the LastSuccessSync into the original script i pasted above?
David CarrCommented:
Is that the entire script or a snippet?
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
snippet you can see entire script at the site i found would you like me to post the link?

its by adn its called

How to Get a Report of Active Sync Devices in Exchange 2010/Exchange 2013
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
no update

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kingcastleAuthor Commented:
No further comment
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