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Wnat to implement Asynchronous winhttp in vb6

I have a vb6 service which uses Synchronous WinHttp calls to a remote server. These calls lockup the service during times when there appears to be connection issues (network/Internet etc).

My task is to implement WinHttp Asynchronous calls.

First step, I'm trying to figure out the conversions from C++ to vb6. Bearing in mind I've never written a line of C++ before.


_In_  HINTERNET hInternet,
_In_  DWORD_PTR dwContext,
_In_  DWORD dwInternetStatus,
_In_  LPVOID lpvStatusInformation,
_In_  DWORD dwStatusInformationLength

This is my attempt:

Public Declare Function WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK Lib "winhttp.dll"
(ByVal hSession As Long, dwContext As Long, dwInternetStatus As Integer,
lpvStatusInformation As Long, dwStatusInformationLength As Integer)

I have no idea if that's correct and unfortunately I can't test it until I get a bit further.

The next one is WinHttpSetStatusCallback


_In_        HINTERNET hInternet,
_In_        WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK lpfnInternetCallback,
_In_        DWORD dwNotificationFlags,
_Reserved_  DWORD_PTR dwReserved

This is my attempt:

Public Declare Function WinHttpSetStatusCallback Lib "winhttp.dll"
(ByVal hInternet As Long, ByVal lpfnInternetCallback As Long,
ByVal dwNotificationFlags As Long, ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long

I don't really know if my conversions are correct. Can anyone verify this?

Next, I don't know how to implement WinHttpSetStatusCallback - for example I don't know if I have the pointer to the Callback function correct.

_In_        WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK lpfnInternetCallback,

converted to:

ByVal lpfnInternetCallback As Long

I'm not sure if I have that correct either.

I don't have a clear idea on how to define the Async Callback function itself. Here is my initial attempt:

Public Function AsyncCallback(
                        ByVal hInternet As Long,
                        dwContext As Long,
                        dwInternetStatus As Long,
                        lpvStatusInformation As Long,
                        dwStatusInformationLength As Long)
    //code in here
End Function

Then finally, wiring it all up is going to be interesting. But first I have to make sure I have the foundations right, otherwise I can't expect it to magically "work".

The MSDN C++ example is as follows: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa384115(v=vs.85).aspx

// Install the status callback function.
WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK isCallback = WinHttpSetStatusCallback( hSession,

How do I define a pointer to the AsyncCallback function in vb6?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

use the AddressOf() function

I have used that function but in the asynccallback function parametert because of  ipvstatusinformation module is crashing.what should i used instead of long.?

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Thank you so much
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William Peck

Can anyone check if the code in the module is written correct or not?

As it is crashing at winhttpreceiveresponse fumction.