How to use the "using" clause with "insert"?

i want to insert rows from one table into another - with the using clause like so...
insert into table1 using select * from table2;
table1 has the same structure as table2 except one extra column in the end which is nulable, so the above insert will not work..
if the strucute is exactly same then i have no problem with the above insert statement.
is there a easy way to insert into table1 without listing all the columns?
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RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
You can do it this way
create a staging table temp_t2 as a select * from t2 where whatever...
Then alter the table temp_t2 adding the extra column from t1;
Then insert  from temp_t2 into t1.
And finally drop table temp_t2
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
i know, i can do it that way.. i was hoping there was one swell swoop of inserting data with just one statement...
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
insert into table1 select a.col1, a.col2 ...., null from table2 a;

select 'a.' || to_lower(a.column_name) || ','
from user_tab_columns a
where a.table_name = 'table2'
order by a.column_id;

Open in new window

will generate your base select statement. all you have is to add the missing null value for the "new" col of table1...
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if the extra column is the last column in the table1
insert into table1 select t2.*,   null  from table2 t2;
If the extra column is a date or number use
to_number(null) or to_date(null)

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Rao_SAuthor Commented:
thank you flow01! it worked!
RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented: it flow01
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
nice points distribution...
Rao_SAuthor Commented:
hi Alex140181, i wanted to distribute the point to all answers, but i remember, that once i was told to award points to the correct and best answer only...
RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
Points should go the the correct answer and assist could go to answers that helps clarify something or provides part of the answer. In this case Flow01 have provided the easiest and most elegant solution. So i agree with the point distribution (and learned a bit on the way) ;-)
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