ODBC field preview in Excel 2013?

Hello Experts.

I have an issue in Excel 2013; I don't know if it's a bug or a new feature, but my own Googling has got me nowhere, so over to you guys.

In Excel 2013 only, tried in Safe Mode and on several different machines, I cannot get the ODBC previewer to actually preview my field data.

The steps I take...

In Excel 2013 (in a spreadsheet with data links) go to Data | From Other Sources | From Microsoft Query

In this query wizard in previous Excel versions, you were able to press "preview now" and the data preview should appear, allowing you to fault check things easily. Now:

- safe mode doesn't work
- tried on different machines to eliminate the install
- reinstalled Office
- installed Excel 2013 on its own
- occurs in W7 and W8
- occurs on 32 and 64 bit machines

If this was by design, I wouldn't expect the preview to be there. Any ideas, or is this a bug that M$ are working on?
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arrorynConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Zack

Thanks for your response. It was an ODBC connection. I wanted to preview the data, not see the results then have to go back.

I have advised for the customer to see if MS issue updates to resolve this; it appears to be a bug.
Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
I've never used the Preview Now feature. If you go to the end of the Microsoft Query wizard you will have an option to 'Return Data to Microsoft Excel' or 'View data or edit query in Microsoft Query'. If you select the latter option and click Next you'll see the query results returned in the query editor where you can make live changes to the query.

Out of curiosity, what is the data source you are using?

Zack Barresse
arrorynAuthor Commented:
no resolution provided from only response.
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