Setting GroupBox to Bold without child controls going Bold too?

Is there a way to set a GroupBox's Font Bold property to True without having to go into all the Child controls and resetting them back to Regular?

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plusone3055Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You could bypass the problem by placing a label over the caption for the GroupBox, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend this.

A better solution emerges once you understand what is happening and why it is happening. The issue is that a control's font (among other things) is an ambient property, meaning that child controls inherit their parent/container control's properties. So if you set the GroupBox to use a bold font, all of its child controls automatically inherit the bold property by default.

The key there is, of course, by default. Ambient properties only apply if you don't explicitly set the properties of the children to something else. If you don't want the child controls to be bold, select them all and turn off bold. The settings of the parent/container will no longer override the new custom settings.

To make things even easier, you can add a Panel control to your GroupBox, dock/anchor it to fill the entire client area of the GroupBox control, and set it to use a standard, non-bold font. Then, the rules of ambient controls stipulate that the child controls you add to the Panel will not be bold by default. This way, you only have to change the font property of one control as opposed to every child control that you add to the GroupBox.

The reason that this is better than trying to add a Label control over the GroupBox caption is because a GroupBox is designed to contain controls. You can take advantage of the docking and anchoring properties to make sure that everything gets arranged correctly, and you won't have to fight the designer when doing so to make sure that your custom Label correctly covers up the default label drawn by the GroupBox control. Additionally, you won't run into Z order issues or have other redrawing problems rear their ugly heads at runtime when, for example, the Label control gets accidentally hidden behind the GroupBox and no one can see it (and a host of other potential snafus).
BlakeMcKennaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Plusone! That worked!
no problem happy coding :)
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