Dell Data Protection Encryption - Personal Edition

I am having a problem configuring my DDPE software to exclude a particular file on my hard drive. I am trying to exclude my Cisco VPN Profile from being encrypted.  When setting up this software initially, I chose to encrypt the entire Hard Drive. Does anyone know how to tell this software to exclude a folder or file from being encrypted?

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Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
I would have to research this but my first reaction is that you cannot exclude a folder from encryption (I could be wrong).  I know you can do it with Symantec but I want to say with Dell that is either not an option or an act of Congress.

Let me double-check.  You may have to unencrypt the drive and re-encrypt with the exclusion.
Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:

It looks like you will have to uninstall the encryption, then start the process again and tell it what to NOT encrypt at the time of installation.

The information I found:

1. Back up all data.
2. To reduce decryption time, run the Windows Disk Cleanup Wizard to remove temporary files and any other unnecessary data.
3. Disable UAC. UAC may prevent uninstallation of DDP|E.
4. Plan to decrypt overnight, if possible.
5. Turn off sleep mode to prevent an unattended computer from going to sleep. Decryption cannot occur on a sleeping computer.
6. Ensure that you have the correct version of the DDPE_XXbit_setup.exe file. Use the same version to uninstall as was used to install.
7. Shut down all processes and applications to minimize decryption failures because of locked files.
8. Follow your existing process for decrypting data, such as issuing a policy update.
9. Before performing a restart, run WSScan to ensure that all data is decrypted. See Use WSScan for instructions.
10. Disable all network connectivity, otherwise new policies may be acquired that would re-enable encryption.
11. Restart and re-authenticate to Windows.
12. IMPORTANT - Periodically check the Encryption Removal Agent Service (see Check Encryption Removal Agent Status for information). If the Encryption Removal Agent Service exists, then data decryption is still in process.

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smartin0924Author Commented:
Can you share with me where you obtained this information? Does it contain information on how to tell DDPE to exclude files? Everything that I have found up to this point has been very limited on how to set things up. Thanks for your help!!
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smartin0924Author Commented:
Sorry estebs1978, I should have clarified Im using the personal edition, not the enterprise edition. I will read through this to see if anything may relate.

Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
Normally (not in every case), the Enterprise Edition has more features than personal edition so things should relate.
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