Outlook 2010 Multiple Recipient Send Button Not clickable

We have a user who has an unusual problem with Outlook 2010 Standard.  Whenever this user creates an email or meeting request to two or more people, the actual "Send" button will not do anything.  What I mean by that is the button acts like a broken link on a web page where you can click it as many times as you want to, but the email still stays open and will not communicate with the rest of Outlook to actually send the email.  However, if he sends to one person then everything works just fine, and he just reported that if he uses reply-all it works just fine.

We've repaired, and uninstalled/reinstalled the office suite.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
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Out of curiosity have you tried removing and allowing outlook to recreate his default mail profile?  I found that to be a fix to alot of the individual mail issues.

1. Close Microsoft Outlook

2. Go to Start | Search

3. Find and rename each of the following files:

    views.dat (you may not have this file.)

(As example, rename extend.dat to something like extendOld.dat.)

4. Start Outlook.

Taken from : http://www.timeatlas.com/email/outlook/send_button_disabled_in_outlook#.UiYAj391HkE

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Can the user send to multiple recipients if they use Outlook in Safe Mode? Easiest way to open in this fashion is from the run (or search) menu "Outlook /safe" (without the quotation marks).

If it works there may be a plugin affecting this, though the fact that the "reply all" works is odd.

If safe mode makes no odds, it's more than likely a local issue. Can the user replicate the issue on other peoples' machines?

The repair and uninstall may not have removed local data. Recreate the users' MAPI profile (Mail in Control Panel, Profiles, New, select the account to be used when Outlook opens, this will recreate the local account)
PostQAuthor Commented:
Thank you all, I will try renaming those files including his Outlook data file.  I'll let you guys know what works.  Thanks!
PostQAuthor Commented:
For sure renaming the outlook data file seemed to do the trick.  Thanks for the help!
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