get specific cell values from several workbooks and place in new workbook sheet

excel 2010

I need a routine that will:
Look at any workbook in a folder..

Open each workbook:
Get the file name of the workbook.

 and look for 3 worksheets.

From: CompanyData
Gets cell value from :
D3, D10, F22, R23

From: CorporateData
Gets cell value from :
B4, D11, G21, S12, D34

From: DSNData
Gets cell value from :
B2, W12, G21, S12, F45

Put all this data into its each row with the name of the worksheet first
           A             B       C       D       E       etc...
<filename>     D3     D10  F22   R23    etc,....

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Hi, fordraiders.

Please see attached. In line three, you will need to change the directory details (don't forget the trailing back-slash!), The code is
Option Explicit

Const xDIR = "D:\Process_Files\" ' Trailing "\" needed.

Sub Process_Files()
Dim xCount    As Long
Dim xFile     As String
Dim xOutput   As Worksheet
Dim xBook     As Workbook

Set xOutput = Sheets.Add
xOutput.Name = Format(Now(), "YYYY-MM-DD_HH-NN-SS")
Range("A1:O1") = Array("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N", "O")
xCount = 1

xFile = Dir(xDIR & "*.xls*")
Do While xFile <> ""

    Debug.Print xFile
    Set xBook = Workbooks.Open(xDIR & xFile)

    xCount = xCount + 1

    xOutput.Cells(xCount, 1) = xFile
    If Sheet_Exists("CompanyData") Then xOutput.Range("B" & xCount & ":E" & xCount) _
        = Array(Sheets("CompanyData").Range("D3") _
        , Sheets("CompanyData").Range("D10") _
        , Sheets("CompanyData").Range("F22") _
        , Sheets("CompanyData").Range("R23"))
    If Sheet_Exists("CorporateData") Then xOutput.Range("F" & xCount & ":J" & xCount) _
        = Array(Sheets("CorporateData").Range("B4") _
        , Sheets("CorporateData").Range("D11") _
        , Sheets("CorporateData").Range("G21") _
        , Sheets("CorporateData").Range("S12") _
        , Sheets("CorporateData").Range("D34"))
    If Sheet_Exists("DSNData") Then xOutput.Range("K" & xCount & ":O" & xCount) _
        = Array(Sheets("DSNData").Range("B2") _
        , Sheets("DSNData").Range("W12") _
        , Sheets("DSNData").Range("G21") _
        , Sheets("DSNData").Range("S12") _
        , Sheets("DSNData").Range("F45"))
    xBook.Close savechanges:=False
    xFile = Dir

MsgBox ("Run complete. " & xCount - 1 & " files processed.")

End Sub

Function Sheet_Exists(xSheet_Name As String, Optional xBook As String) As Boolean

If xBook = "" Then xBook = ActiveWorkbook.Name

Sheet_Exists = False

On Error Resume Next
    Sheet_Exists = (Workbooks(xBook).Sheets(xSheet_Name).Name = xSheet_Name)
On Error Resume Next

End Function

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FordraidersAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much...!..

This will just copy the data value ...right?...and not any formulas that may be in those cells ?
Thanks, fordraiders.

Yes, just the values.

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