Moving DHCP to a new server

I am working on refreshing our servers and I have a questions what it is the best way to move DHCP from the old Windows 2003 server to a new Windows 2008r2 server? The problem is the new Windows Enterprise 2008r2 server has to have the same name as the current windows 2003 server. That part I have worked out by giving the new server a name like server-t. The plan is to change the current 2003 server name to server-old and give it a different IP address. Then, I will rename the server-t server to the current Windows 2003 server name and give it the IP that the new server-old server currently has. Now the problem. I recreated the scopes from the server-old server on the new server but, didn't activate them and I haven't authorized the new DHCP server in the domain yet either. I was planing on authorizing the new DHCP after the renaming and re-iping has been completed. Do I need to de-authorize the DHCP on the old server BEFORE doing all of the name and IP swapping? Will I have any problem getting the new DHCP to authorize into the domain since it has the name of the old Windows 2003 server? The domain functional level is Windows Server 2003.

jfhollowaySr. Systems AdministratorAsked:
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Sarang TinguriaConnect With a Mentor Sr EngineerCommented:
Good link I usually follow

Steps to move a DHCP database from a Windows Server 2003 or 2008 to another Windows Server 2008 machine
jfhollowaySr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses! Should I be concerned with trying to reauthorize a new 2008 DHCP server that has the name of a previously authorized DHCP server? Should do the renaming and etc before installing DHCP and importing the DHCP scopes on the new server?
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First of all , You can have 2 DHCP servers in domain, in my opinion there is not necessary to rename the new server with name of old server, You can use two server with two different names.

You can migrate all data,  old server should be authorized , and new one should be unauthorized. Two server can coexist in one domain. When You have checked that the new server is ready to provide ip addresses from DHCP and has good configuration, you can unauthorize old server and authorize the new one.  When all will be alright , you can disable the old one.

What is the function authorize -
To prevent unauthorized DHCP servers from issuing duplicate or incorrect ip addresses to clients, you have to "Authorize" DHCP servers, which requires administrative rights on the domain.  A DHCP server that may be configured, but not authorized will not issue addresses.
jfhollowaySr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I have to rename the servers because there are apps that are hard coded with the current name and IP address of the current server. It is not possible to fix the code so I have to keep everything the same
Sarang TinguriaSr EngineerCommented:
Should do the renaming and etc before installing DHCP and importing the DHCP scopes on the new server?

I would have done the renaming of server etc before importing DHCP DB not only with DHCP but also for any role you configure newly (File server, Domain, DNS) basic things should be completed prior proceeding such as hostname and IP addreess
jfhollowaySr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I did the import to a test server. My plan is to do all of the switching then install dhcp
Sarang TinguriaSr EngineerCommented:
My plan is to do all of the switching then install dhcp

Please ellaborate..
Nagendra Pratap SinghCommented:
Why is your DHCP hard coded of all the servers?
SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
I will proceed like this.

1.First take backup of DHCP from old server(win2003)Follwoing this :

2.Unauthorised the DHCP server and disable the DHCP server service.

2.Rename the old win2003 server to temp or name and chenage IP address as per business requirement.

3.Change the name of new server (Win2008) to old Windows2003 server with IP address too if required.

4.Install dhcp role and perform the import as per this:

5.Authorised the DHCP on new Server.

Hope this helps
jfhollowaySr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Everyone. To answer the question. The server that is hosting DHCP is also running an app that has the name and IP of the hard coded. I have no other location to host DHCP so, my only option is to move it to the new server.
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