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Hello All,

We are using an old version of SharePoint services 3.0 wss running on W2008 server. I am attempting to setup incoming email into a list. I've configured the Central Admin to the best of my knowledge and when I go to configure the list's site settings with an email address under "Incoming E-Mail Settings", I receive the error "The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request."

I've tried looking this error up and the best solutions I've attempted to follow are here, but nothing worked.

I've gone as far as creating a new OU called "SharePoint" and delegating rights to the container. Also making sure that the App Pools are consistent with the accounts - which they are. Can anyone else please suggest some items I need to check? I've exhaused my research and desperately need to get this resolved.

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nreichConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just figured this one out. This website helped clue me in to a solution.

Had to manually create a contact and point it to the server functioning as the SMTP, since I wasn't able to route it through our Exchange servers. Example of contact email address,
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