Auto failover

I have a juniper j2320 router with one service provider ABC on a serial port.Serial is configured with Ethernet gig0/0 of this router is connected to my switch.This ethernet is configured with subnet.

I have another service provider XYZ . This ISP has provided me a Maipu router which has two ethernet ports.One One ethrnet port has the ISP MPLS link on it .IP address on this ethernet is other ethernet has my lan pool configured on it.

When my isp ABC link goes down. I remove the  Juniper router ethernet gig0/0 cable and put it in my ISP XYZ's other ethernet port.

How do i make this failover automatic as currently i have to perform this manual shift?
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In Cisco we have "ip sla" command for this. I am sure Juniper would also have something similar. I am not a Juniper guy so cannot comment on the solution.

You could interconnect the two routers.
When ABC goes down, does the interface go down as well?
usually you would need a block of your own IPs, and have a BGP peering session with Each provider?
This way when the BGP session drops to one provider, the routing will converge to the remaining provider.

Scripting wise, a connection into the router and then testing a connection out through that interface and either changing the routing table to route through the other provider.
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rajan1079Author Commented:

When ABC goes down the serial port goes down.

Link on Juniper is a 64 kbps link point to point link to my service provider...this link  connects to the channelised E1 at my central office.....MPLS link on the other router is a separate 256 Kbps link which connectes to my MPLS servicer provider's PE router.Both this links64 kbps and 256 kbps help me to connect to my servers located in the  DATA-CENTRE....

Any clarifications...please reply
You would need to terminate both connections on the juniper.
add a default route rule using the interfaces.
When ABC goes down and the serial interface drops, the only remaining path will be the ethernet route to the MAIPU through the other provider.
I believe Juniper has an SLA/test that you can configure on the ethernet Maipu interface to test whether that connection is still functional.

ISP1 <=> Serial Port Juniper              \
           <=> EthernetPort Juniper        Juniper Router <=> LAN
ISP2 /
You would need to reconfigure the MAIPU router to establish a different /30 IP segment between it and the Juniper router.

you can load balance, you could distribute load based on criteria of your choice, one thing to make sure is that each rule includes both paths.
default route via Serial weight
default route via ethernetPort.

Since you do not have your own IPs, the providers will not establish a BGP peering sessions. Using dynamic Network convergence will function in a similar way when the connection to a provider dies, their BGP network advertising will go away with in and thus leave only the other path out.

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rajan1079Author Commented:
As per your plan...on juniper one default route will be serial-0

and other default route will be gig 0

I will terminate the LAN on gig 1

If this is the case why do we need the MAIPU router???

Also, r u sure load balancing will work  as one is a 64 K point to point link and the other is a 256 k MPLS link .????
It depends on the provider and the reason for maipu router.
I.e. the drop is one that the juniper does not support.

If you can terminate each provider on the juniper with appropriate configuration/settings, you should do that.  This way when the provider connection drops depending on the type, the juniper interface might also go down simplifying the transitions.

Other than a slowdown in performance as long as a path to the outside exists the failover should function.
rajan1079Author Commented:
i think juniper will support....coz in maipu its  a fast ethernet port with port settings to auto.....but with one serial on juniper and the other link on gigethernet will the failover work??????
If you have access into maipu router, login and see the configuration.
Check with the provider on switching to using your router.

The Ethernet port might not go down when the provider/connection does, you would need to setup a check to detect the Ethernet failure.
rajan1079Author Commented:
i wont need the maipu router if the maipu link comes up in juniper???? rite???

pls comment if with one serial on juniper and the other link on gigethernet will the failover work and load balance work???

any docs or real scenarios of  such cases????
Juniper likely has the example, auto-failover will work on the serial since it goes down when the connection goes down, the Ethernet one is slightly different.

The interface on the juniper for MPLS might come up, but no traffic will pass through.

You also would need to configure the router to mantain state I.e. requests that came through ISPA have to have the responses sent out via ISPA.

Look at the maipu configuration as you would need to configure the juniper MPLS handling to match.
rajan1079Author Commented:
i will check mpls link on junos  first...still need clarity on failover and load balance....
rajan1079Author Commented:
MPLS link working fine on Juniper...

Current scene....Leased line on serial interface and MPLS link on gigabit ethernet do i achieve autofailover and load balancing?
The only auto failover will deal with the serial interface going down, detecting MPLS may require a setup of SLA that checks whether the path exists.
I do not believe an MPLS down link changes the state of the interface.
If you can have the providers establish a BGP/ospf session where they push routes. When the link goes down, the networking protocol will converge to the path.
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