IBM DS3400 2 failed drives in a raid 5 array

We have 12 drives in a raid 5 array and we lost two drives.  The recovery GURU is showing an Incomplete array. We have replaced both drives but they are showing unassigned. I assume we would need to assign them to the old array and reconstruct them. Does anyone know the correct script to do this?
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You have 100% data loss with 2 failed disks.  Turn off everything and contact a data recovery professional and take them all the drives.  (Be prepared for minimum cost of $5000)  RAID5 can only tolerate a single HDD failure.

Hopefully you have a backup you can restore from. A 12 drive raid 5 group is very risky, and you just got burned. The probability of two drives failing increases as the drive count increases. Raid 10 or 6 are much safer.
Thomas RushCommented:
Just to verify -- is this a single RAID 5 array?  If it's two RAID 5 arrays, and each of the failed drives belonged to a different array, you have a chance to recover your data.  If it's two RAID 5 arrays and both disks were in one array, you've lost that array, but your other array should be healthy. BACK IT UP NOW, because odds are you're going to lose one or more disks in the not-too-distant future (since two of 12 have already failed, drives may be reaching the end of their useful life) and you don't want to lose the rest of your data.

If it's a single array, then dlethe is correct -- the data is gone.  A recovery service may or may not be able to recover your data.

RAID is not backup.  Mirroring is not archive.  Once is never enough.

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CityInfoSysAuthor Commented:
The drives are reaching the end of their life so this is to be expected. We will switch over to a new storage device.
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