Consuming Server Sent Event (DOM events) in Delphi


I need to integrate my software with a phone service.
I received the specification to do it.
It tells this:

- The services use the concept of SOA based on REST (only GET and POST)
- The channels are established through persistent connections and sent following the model of Server Sent Events (SSE) (

I'm searching the web for ways to do it.
But I'm not having much sucess.

Is there any sample for consuming this kind of service?
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atul_parmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you should have an IDL file or some client components e.g. a ActiveX DLL/OCX file etc. You will need to import it in your Delphi project (Component-> Import Component) which will create a PAS file. Use that unit in your project to initialize EventSource. Register for the events you are interested to listen.

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