What Software do we need to open *.rpx Extensions?

User in my office has been given a Manual in RPX file extension format, what software do we need to open it?
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piattndConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't think of a single reason a manual would be in RPX format.  Go back to the sending party and ask them.  RPX is not a typical document format (google'ing it gives you something about a laser company).  It's possible they renamed the extension to allow it through mail filters, or it may be a true RPX file.

Only the sender would know for sure.
CATHY-ITAuthor Commented:
You are correct from my understanding,  Our User thought it was a Manual as in a book, but now tells me she believes its a file need to Manually update a Clients System as we have our  Tech on Site. I'm told it will be handled on the client end. Thank you
Pradeep DubeyConsultantCommented:
RPX file extension is associated with Electronic Storage Corporation Laser vault index.

Open in new window

Detailed information for file extension RPX:

Primary association

: Electronic Storage Corporation Laser Vault Index
Other applications associated with file type RPX:
1) Oracle Visual Information Retrieval Raw Pixel Format File
(The Mime types used with this association are: image/x-ora-rpix.)
2) Repute Tutorial File


To open these files see below link :



Indeed an obscure file extension.  Have you tried just double clicking on it?
And there are three of them.

Oracle Visual Information Retrieval Raw Pixel Format File
Electronic Storage Corporation Laser Vault Index
Repute Tutorial File

Since you say this is a manual, I suspect that it is the last.  Is this of any help?

Here is info on the other two
(but you may need Visual Studio to open it)


I do not support running the scans offered on these site.
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