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I have a Sony Vaio all in one with Vista. When I click into my picture file all 690 images are designated with icon boxesthat contain a MS logo. How can I change the settings in my computer  so that the photos appear in the icon instead of a logo. I need to sort though the photos and dont want to click on each one to open it
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Jerry MillerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
JennalipscombAuthor Commented:
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been clicking icons for 5 years. thats why I have over 690 images clogging up my computer. I cant help but wonder how you found that article.
Jerry MillerCommented:
I searched for "windows vista view in thumbnails", it was the second link down. I got lucky that it was the first set of criteria that I used. Sometimes just getting the right combination of search criteria will point you in the right direction. :-D
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