windows management instrumentation

I'm trying to figure out why wmic csproduct returns "no instances found" on a win 7 pro 64 bit machine.  I've run across 3 or 4 laptops that do this.  All of our laptops are HP ProBook  4730s, 4530s, or 4540s, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why just a handful won't report on SN, vendor, etc.

WMI is up and running in services, and I've even restarted it on the laptops where I get the "no instances found" message.  It doesn't matter if I run the wmic/gwmi command from CLI or Powershell, I get the same answer.

WMI is responding on most win32 objects, just not the csproduct or bios objects.
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If you run systeminfo on these laptops, do you have vendor/model reflected there?

Are these UEFI based laptops?
sgt_zimAuthor Commented:
I'll have to check sysinfo, but they're all definitely BIOS, not UEFI.
Ratnesh MishraCommented:
WMI classes are redesigned from windows 7 so need to know which command you are running. Other than that try WMICodeCreator  for more help .

There are various loopholes fixed in Windows 7 so may be previous versions information were available but not now. If you are developer than for specific information you may need to sign NDA with microsoft regarding the same.  

Do let me know the process what you want and how you are trying to achieve so that I can help you better .
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Can you try from an elevated command prompt: wmic csproduct list full
Do you get any output?

If you do: wmic /?
Do you see this in the 'about' info:
CSPRODUCT                - Computer system product information from SMBIOS.
sgt_zimAuthor Commented:
Rusty, it's just a handful of laptops that are showing "no instances found," and it's only when I query wmic bios get serialnumber and wmic csproduct.  Just about everything else that can be queried through WMI is returning good info.

Strange thing is that these are laptops that we bought in batches 20-30 at a time from HP.  It's just one here and there that won't give the info.
Ratnesh MishraCommented:
If you can upload procmon log while attempting the same will help a lot in understanding what's going on.

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