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I have big videos of about 11 GB. Windows and real players taking long time to open. Are there an better players to play big video files

Please advise. Any ideas, sample code, resources highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi gudii9, to my wise old eyes I have to ask,
why is it taking a long time load, if you have an 11 gig video on your HDD it doesnt load actually like a download? it opens..
I need to know more as this sounds like there is more to it.
What video/s could you have that is 11 gig?
I'm only sharing this to help give you a little understanding how the large DVD run.
As far I know most new DVD commercial types are dual layered that is lots of Video_ts files lots of bup files lots of IFO and backup files and the size can range anywhere from 8 gig to very large 25 gigs or more with some if they have lots of CGI.
To play these we need to use the newer DVD Rom drives as most are high definition or they just sit there doing nothing for ages as they attemp tp scan for the start
These are so large because
Briefly explained>
Cactus Data Shield
They intentionally  add lots of useless stuff basically violating Red Book CD Digital Audio standards,  with such things as erroneous disc navigation and corrupted data, preventing successful ripping of the data.
The purpose for this to stop us making a backing copy, and as that makes it very difficult to copy it and no DVD ripping tools can find the correct structure of the DVD to rip it
some folks may just copy the entire disc.
Lets say one of these DVD was copied off as is complete
that would explain the size and why Real player and most media player takes a long time to open them, it is looking for the ifo file that represents the start menue.

If this is correct VLC will also take a long time to open them as it has to scan the entire DVD structure to find the one real IFO bup file.
A standard blank DVD we use is 4.7 gig.

If it's on your on HDD and nolonger on a DISC the way the media player loads the disc is from Lasor reading the IFO and bup files, these tell the laser where to look for the start /menues and chapters, they are the navigation cue points.
When you take it off the DVD to your HDD the media player is not capable of reading these so you have to manually point the media player where to start, or wait until it has read the entire structure of the DVD
Try Windows Media Center.

Example of my DVD Wall E it is 7 and half  gigs in size
looking at the structure
multiply this by 4 times as the amount of files is huge and I cant fit it in one screen shot I'll post two but there is twice as many again
Wall EWall E continued
VLC Media Player :)
plusone3055Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry here is a link to Dowload it
its free
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