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Dear experts -
I have a query that is unupdatable. It has a key field called "ID".
I want to run an update query that updates a tabled called Vendor_Invoices (which has the same ID field) for any ID that is found in the unupdatable query.

Doing a simple inner join update query is not working (it's saying the query is not updatable). I'm suspecting I need a subquery.

This is the code that is giving me the unupdatable message:
UPDATE Vendor_Invoice_ExporttoExcel INNER JOIN Vendor_Invoices ON Vendor_Invoice_ExporttoExcel.ID = Vendor_Invoices.ID SET Vendor_Invoices.ExportDate = Date();

Many thanks!
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Terry WoodsConnect With a Mentor IT GuruCommented:
This would be the subquery equivalent. Ensure you have a backup of the data just in case something unexpected happens.

UPDATE Vendor_Invoice_ExporttoExcel
SET Vendor_Invoices.ExportDate = Date()
where ID in (select ID from Vendor_Invoices);
terpsichoreAuthor Commented:
this is basically working - I need to tweak some of the underlying query logic, but it works. thanks!
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