Importing multi-line text file into either Excel or Access

I have a text file having thousands of records, each one six (6) lines long as shown below:

Last, First
Street Address
City, State Zip

Any idea how I might import the above information into either Excel or Access such that each record is stored as follows?

[Name] = Last, First
[Street] = Street
[City] = City
[State] = State
[Zip] = Zip
[E-mail] = E-mail
[Web] = Web

Each line of the text file is terminated with a <CR> and there are no extraneous lines between unique records.

I know how to import this info rather easily if all of the fields were comma delimited with each record on a separate line but I can't see how to do this if each record spans multiple lines.

Thanks in advance for any-and-all assistance.
Lloyd CharlierChief Executive OfficerAsked:
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
You can examine and test this sample very carefully.

i am sure with your experience here you can adapt it to work for you


Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Things like this are always tricky because of things like:
- user errors when inputting the data
- empty values
- Improper or missing delimiters

<here are no extraneous lines between unique records.>
Also it may be tricky to determine the end of a record with no spaces in between records

It may also NOT be a good idea to store the first and last name in one field.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:'re welcome...
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